How To Have The Confidence Of A Black Belt!
It's Time To Gain Confidence And Live The Life You Dream Of!
Do you have situations when lack of confidence and social skills prevents you from taking important actions that could positively impact your life?

You may know exactly what you need to do, but you are simply afraid.

First of all, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, most people struggle with confidence to some extent and I used to be one of them.

The good news is that being confident is just another skill you can learnIn this course I will share with you some of my best, proven strategies for becoming more confident.

The great thing about this course is that right from the very first module, you'll learn tactics and techniques that you can put into practice straight away.

You will see results in your confidence levels. There is no doubt about that!

We are very proud of the course that we've put together. But what we're more proud of is the results that our course students have seen.

Don't take it form us, see what they have to say...
Success Stories

I Feel A Lot Stronger

“The Black Belt Confidence course has changed my life. I now feel I have a force field around me for the first time in my life. The Circle of Life technique has been miraculous in helping me be more confident in my life and my business. I feel a lot stronger and I now don’t care about failure.” - Founder and Creative Director of Brand Picks (Graphic Design Agency

Has Helped Me Grow My Business

“I am now much more confident in picking up the phone, going to networking events and recording videos to teach people about digital marketing. All of these have given me new clients and helped me grow my digital marketing business.” - Matt Penny, Owner of Passionfruit Media (Digital Marketing Agency)

There Is Now Nothing In This World That I Can't Handle

“Since doing the programme I have far more confidence in myself, and a deep seated belief about my abilities to succeed. I have been through a massive transformation, I am far more positive about myself and I now feel that there is absolutely nothing in this world that I can’t handle.” - Sarah Watts, Owner and Travel Consultant with Not Just Travel (travel agency and more)

I Feel More Worthy Of Success

“I am more willing to try new ideas to develop my business and to set me apart from other businesses. I feel more worthy of success, and much more confident about the future.” - Andrew Vernon, Owner of Vitis Landscape (landscape gardening business)

Given Me The Tools And Motivation To Go And Do What I Want To Do

“The modules on Commitment and playing to my strengths really resonated with me. All the messages are very clear. The programme has helped reaffirm what I want to do and given me the tools and motivation to go and do it.” - Ken Critcher, Health and Wellbeing expert with Forever Living, 1st Dan Black Belt Instructor in Taekwondo

Helpful, Actionable Advice

“The black belt confidence system is like bottled common sense. Nick puts helpful, actionable advice in terms that will resonate with anybody at any stage in their lives, and helps them to access the confidence they never knew they had." - Liz Norton, Professional speaker, author, trainer and copywriter
Program Details
40 short videos in eight modules. Each module has a clear theme and is easy to follow.

PDFs which make a workbook that you can use as your very own reference tool. 

Daily emails to give direct access to that days content.

This programme is based on the 59 successful strategies that Black Belts use to be successful in their daily lives and are covered in my book Black Belt Thinking. The tools and techniques in this programme took me 20 years to master; you can have this level of confidence in a matter of weeks.

You can start having the confidence of a Black Belt today.
When Does The Course Start And Finish?
As soon as you enrol you get access to the course, and the first daily video will be sent to you in an email. The programme is 8 modules, and each module has 5 daily videos plus a summary and interactive quiz. This is a 7 week course.

How Much Time Does It Take?
The course has been designed for busy people. Each module has 5 videos of 2-3 minutes each. There is a one-page PDF with a few things for you to think about, if you wish, and for some of the modules a daily email to remind you of a key point.

Can I Go At My Own Pace?
Yes, you can access the videos and emails at any time after they are available.

What If I'm Unhappy With The Course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Is The Course Useful For Children?
Yes, really from around 11 years and upwards. All material is suitable for this range. It would be helpful, and advised, to have an adult go through the course with them.

For How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for a minimum period of one year - across any and all devices you own.
Black Belt Confidence Course
Start Your Journey To A More Confident You!
This programme will give you the confidence of a Black Belt. 

The confidence to achieve your goals and be the success you dream of, whatever your situation or current circumstances. 

The confidence to do new things, to express yourself, to be successful in all you do.

The confidence to take on anything, to overcome setbacks and ultimately become the person that you are destined to be

If you think that life is slipping away and passing you by, now is the time to give yourself a lifetime of confidence.
You'll Learn
  • ​How to be more present and more connected with what is around you 
  • ​ How to take full personal responsibility, so that you create your own destiny 
  • ​ How to have a system that you control, to achieve any goal you set 
  • ​ How to replace negative limiting beliefs with positive empowering ones 
  • ​ How to know your strengths and maximise them 
  • ​ How to be resilient and maintain a positive attitude at all times 
  • ​ How to commit 100% in everything you do, to ensure you are successful 
  • ​ How to use the power of humility to empower yourself and others
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Have The Confidence To Believe In You
Believe in yourself, fulfil your potential and live the life you dream of.

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Nick Forgham, creator of the Black Belt Confidence programme. Having been bullied when I was at school, I know what it is like to have the confidence ripped out from you. Having done karate for over 30 years, I know why Black Belts have a quiet inner confidence, whatever the situation or their circumstances, that enables them to realise their dreams and fulfil their potential. I can give you a unique insight into the mindset of a Black Belt, and the strategies they use to be confident and successful. My own journey has been from fear of speaking to just about anyone, to giving talks to 350+ people. From fear of being me, to accepting and welcoming me and expressing my true identity. From being afraid of the future to welcoming everything that happens in my life. The Black Belt Confidence programme has been designed to help you do all this and more. I believe that everyone should have the chance to achieve their potential, live their dreams and be the person they want to be. 
Have The Confidence To Believe In You
Believe in yourself, fulfil your potential and live the life you dream of.
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